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olive oil production

The oil production from the earliest times until today has undergone minor changes. Which in most cases have nothing to do with the process, but with individual actions or the means used to obtain the desired result.

On this page we will try to show you the olive oil production process, not a copy paste from the internet or using scientific terminology and concepts. Simply by using our experience and our experiences as farmers and oil producers, that will try to take you to the world of oil production with simple and rustic words!

Of course we must not forget that the process of olive oil production is the last link of the chain, which is called olive. 

olive oil production

But for what preceded, that the planting of olive tree cultivation and care until they reach the age of production and also cultivation and care of the tree to grow the fruit and get to the point of oil-collection, is alone a very interesting section, and present a separate sheet itself.

Prerequisite to start the oil-collection is, in addition to fruit ripening have previously existed suitable climatic conditions. This is because we are not interested only be ripe the fruit, and the tree is ready to give us his wrist. When we finished, we mean that the tree should be ready to enter the tedious process of oil-collection.

Which is really a health test strength and sustainability of the olive tree.  

olive oil production
The old times, the fruit collection process does not require any condition of the above and just limited to fruit ripening. This is because priority was to produce as much as possible quantity of oil, so the fruit had reached the greatest degree of ripeness. As well as we wanted to be delicious olive oil to be produced, which connect directly to the degree of ripeness of the fruit but not the quality. The parameter of quality but was not old age not requested nor even coveted. Old time the major issue was the question of the survival of human society and the family or the particular person. Also the collection of olives is not made by mechanical means, such as today, and the trees did not need to pass the test of current collection of wrist instruments. Then waited to drop the fruit itself on the ground in the land and the harvest from there or the best and most updated version, cane pole very carefully the branches of the olive tree to drop the already mature fruit of the earth.

olive oil production

But let briefly before, to explain the importance of climatic conditions nowadays. The requested today:

  •  Olive oil quality
  • Cost fruit collection
  • Tree maintenance in good condition.

The quality has to do with the proper care of the olive tree, and the collection of the fruit at the right time.

This time varies depending on the geographical area of ​​each plot with olives! Ie in the same village a farmer can have three groves but a grove because the climatic conditions are favorable to ripen the fruit even two months earlier than others.

So if it comes to quality, then you have to take care of the producer to make the collection of the fruit around when the fruit is 70-80% of ripeness. That is a producer of 20% has to sacrifice the production to have the best quality olive oil. When you have this condition along with the other elements that characterize the Extra Virgin Olive Oil then we achieve the best quality olive oil called Green olive oil.

The cost of collecting the fruit as yet understand is greater for someone when producer wants to produce high quality olive oil.

Considering that about sacrificing 20% ​​of the total production, I easily understand the size of the financial loss ...

olive oil production

This loss of some revenue should be leveled, it would be feasible if the price of green olive oil was 20% more expensive than the price of oil. Which is partially true, but there is no green olive oil throughout the year, but for a few months. That green olive oil as well and if saved by a producer, respecting all specifications of oil storage rules again after a few months the characteristics of green olive oil lost. This does not affect the nutritional value of olive oil or specifications should have to be extra virgin olive oil. Simply loses its spicy flavor and frouktodi featuring green olive oil.

So the next choice for a producer is to reduce as much as possible to the man hours needed for the fruit harvesting procedure.

This is done quite simply if only see to use mechanical means to harvest, and even working at the limit of the tree often speeds. Generally throughout the olive harvesting process become at rates too fast and too exhaustive or machinery, or for people who handle and of course the tree offered us their fruit.